Bible names proposed for the Tube

Update 2 April 2012, thanks to all for feedback on our April Fool's special. From now on, you can believe what we write, for at least the next 364 days.

Click for a larger view of the proposed Tube Map
Everyone knows Angel tube station. But what about "Gabriel" and "Cherubim"?

We have unearthed plans for a naming scheme for the Underground Electric Railways Company of London, which later became London Underground.

It seems that a previous clergyman at our church, a certain Jeremiah Mornington, had proposed that all the stations on London's underground lines should be named according to themes from the Bible.

Records kept in the crypt vault confirm that the scheme was considered by the Board of the Company in 1912. However the suggestion was considered "liable to excite religious enthusiasm in the capital" and was soon rejected.

The Revd Mornington, Curate at St Mary's, led a brief public campaign but it attracted only limited support.

In the end a compromise was reached and the authorities agreed to allow just one of Mr Mornington's proposals. Only the station nearest the church of St Mary Islington was christened "Angel" and the rest of the network was left alone.