Where do sermons come from?

The pulpit at St Mary's
Come to St Mary's for any service and you can expect to hear a sermon that relates the word of God to the world in which we live.

We often preach a series, from a book of the Bible, or from a set of issues. Our preachers get together regularly to pray and plan for the services in the coming months. We try hard to get a sense from God about the topics we should be tackling, in the expectation that he has something fresh and relevant for us even in texts that we've heard many times before.

The Lectionary of the Church of England provides a rich and varied set of readings throughout the year and we usually use it in at least one of the Sunday services. This brings us a sense of belonging to the wider Church as well as well-chosen passages that suit the church's seasons in worship. But at other times we look to the needs and concerns of the church community and of those who might visit us. We can be responsive to what's happening for people in confident expectation that the Bible has something to offer, some insight or set of clues as to how faith in the eternal God will empower us to live today.

In the weeks after Pentecost, in June and July, we're going to try something new. We'd love to hear from those who hear our preaching about the topics and issues that they would like us to address. Is there something that you rarely hear preached about in church, that you think we should explore together? Is there an aspect of faith that you'd like to understand better? Send us suggestions and we'll find a way of letting our church community choose seven topics for us to tackle.