Valuing Children

St Mary’s has joined the Children’s Charter, a scheme run by the Diocese of London to encourage excellence in children’s work – and we have the plaque to prove it!
To retain this status, each year we will need to provide evidence that we are developing in the following areas:
Welcome: are children at St Mary’s welcomed as equal members of the congregation and treated safely and well?
Worship: are children able to participate in worship fully?
Nurture: are there opportunities for children to grow and develop in their relationship with God?
Mission: is the church sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with other children in the parish?
Priorities for this year include involving children more in serving on Sunday mornings, as welcomers and being part of the music group, and investing more in training those who volunteer with the children.
We have also recently re-named our Sunday groups, to make it a bit clearer to those outside the church:

  • Starter Church (Nursery to Year One)
  • Kid’s Church (Year Two to Year Five)
  • Youth Church (Year Six to Year Nine).

A big thank you to the fantastic team of volunteers who help out each week with bags of energy and fun, and ensure that children are at the heart of life at St Mary’s.