Walk to church

Finding the alleys and shortcuts that are denied to drivers is one of the best things about urban walking. And Islington's streets are a kind of theatre of their own; there's always so much to see.

We love that most people walk to St Mary's - it's better for all of us and it means that our very limited parking can be used for those who need it most.

Enter a postcode into the Walkit.com widget and get detailed walking directions to St Mary's from your home or office. Choose between direct, less busy and low pollution routes. See how long it's going to take. You can even find out how many calories you've burned and how much CO2 you've saved.

Walk to church and you'll arrive for worship wide awake and full of energy. You might even meet a friend on the way!

We also welcome cyclists (we have a cycle park outside the church) and you can plan the best cycle journey to our door.

London has great public transport and it's really simple to plan your bus or tube journey to St Mary's.