Services from 5 February to Easter 2012

A lot of the action in the Bible takes place in cities. Among crowds, people from far-away places and in various sub-cultures, people of God have had to work out how to engage, not withdraw.

We'll begin this season with the wonderful story of Jonah. It tells of someone called and chosen by God for a great purpose.

God's choosing is unusual. First, God chooses unlikely people. Second, he chooses them to share God's choosing with others.

Jonah doesn't get it. He thinks that being chosen by God he must be different from the people God sends him among. The lesson that Jonah learns is that God's choosing is always an inclusive choosing - it invites others to realise their chosenness too.

5 February 2012
9.00 Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00 Holy Communion - Jonah 1.1-17 and Matthew 4.17-20
6.00pm Evening Worship

12 February 2012
11.00 All Together Church with Baptisms -  Jonah 2.1-3, 10
6.00pm Holy Communion

19 February 2012
11.00 Holy Communion Jonah 3.10-4.11 and Luke 19.37-41
6.00pm Evening Worship

From Jonah's adventures at Nineveh, we move to Lent, a season of reflection and preparation.  At its climax on Good Friday, we remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus for our sins.  In our worship during Lent the cross of Christ is never far away. It's a time to know our need of forgiveness and to receive it.

But this kind of reflection can be a problem if it leads us into a dry and less-than-human way of life. It throws up some practical questions about the way that we live -  questions that other people sometimes want to ask if they're considering walking the walk of Christian faith.

So are there limits to how Christians should live, behave or think?

We're unafraid to ask these provocative and insightful questions in a series of sermons Are Christians allowed…?

22 February 2012 - Ash Wednesday
12.45-1.15 Lunchtime Service
7.30pm Holy Communion

26 February 2012
11.00 Morning Worship
Are Christians allowed to be successful?
6.00pm Holy Communion

4 March 2012
9.00 Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00 Holy Communion - Are Christians allowed to be self-confident?
6.00pm Evening Worship

11 March 2012
11.00 All Together Church - Are Christians allowed to be angry?
6.00pm Holy Communion

18 March 2012
11.00 Holy Communion - Are Christians allowed to be party-people?
6.00pm Evening Worship

25 March 2012
11.00 Morning Worship - Are Christians allowed to doubt?
6.00pm Holy Communion

1 April 2012 - Palm Sunday
9.00 Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
11.00 Holy Communion Mark 14.1-31; 14.32-72; 15.1-24 and 15.25-47
6.00pm Evening Worship

5 April 2012 - Maundy Thursday
7.30pm Holy Communion

6 April 2012 - Good Friday
12 noon Ecumenical Procession and Service
1-3pm Meditations

8 April 2012 - Easter Day
11.00 Family Holy Communion - Acts 10.34-43 and Mark 16.1-8
6.00pm Evening Worship