Are Christians allowed...?

In our worship during Lent the cross of Christ is never far away.

It's a time to know our need of forgiveness and to receive it. But this kind of reflection can be a problem if it leads us into a dry and less-than-human way of life. It throws up some practical questions about the way that we live - questions that other people sometimes want to ask if they're considering walking the walk of Christian faith.

So are there limits to how Christians should live, behave or think?

We're unafraid to ask these provocative and insightful questions in a series of sermons Are Christians allowed…?

26 February - Are Christians allowed to be successful?
4 March - Are Christians allowed to be self confident?
11 March - Are Christians allowed to be angry?
18 March - Are Christians allowed to be party people?
25 March - Are Christians allowed to doubt?