Jonah and the City

One small person, one huge city, and God.

We'll be exploring the fabulous Jonah story in three Sunday sermons in February.

5 February Jonah chapter 1 
God sends | Jonah flees
Ever run away because you've been asked to do something too risky or frightening? What if the one who sends you is God? Where do you run then?

12 February Jonah chapters 2 and 3 
Jonah obeys | God forgives
God turns Jonah's life around in a way that leads to great goodness in the lives of people around him. How can we be available to share real blessings like that?

19 February Jonah chapter 4
Jonah is angry | God restores
Jonah discovers that God's love challenges his certainties. He finds that he now believes in a bigger God, yet he's still angry, depressed and concerned for his own comfort. How does honest prayer to God bring real perspective?

The picture depicts the restored entrance to the ancient city of Nineveh, which is now part of the Iraqi city of Mosul. Download our flyer for the series Jonah and the City.