Martine Oborne appointed to a new post

At yesterday's service, we were thrilled to hear that Martine Oborne, has been appointed to a new post. At Christmas, Martine will leave her curacy with us and prepare to take up the appointment of Priest-in-Charge of St Michael's, Sutton Court, in Chiswick, West London.

In their parish profile, St Michael's said that their "vision is that St Michael’s will provide a welcoming, spiritually enriching and forward-looking environment for people of all ages to grow in Christian faith and discipleship". It's clear to all of us that Martine has been gifted by God for exactly this kind of ministry and, though we'll be sad to see her and her family leave us, we're delighted for her.

St Mary's has a long tradition of supporting the training of ministers in the Church of England by providing a rich experience for curates, who usually spend two to three years contributing to the ministry of the church. Martine will definitely be remembered for her lasting contribution and we look forward to hearing how she serves God in the future.