International youth trip to Uganda

St Mary's Youth Club, partnering with Child Voice International, is giving young people a great taste of East Africa and a chance to make a video documentary under the mentorship of Lois Acton, formerly of ITV, at the Lukome Centre. There are some inspiring stories to tell about a war ravaged and abandoned building changed into a thriving educational and restoration centre, land scorched and ravaged by war transformed into green and growing farmland producing millet, pineapple, peanuts, chickens, goats and cows to sustain the community. Of course, the most important transformations are in the lives of the former child soldiers themselves.

The group set off from church this afternoon, under the leadership of Nick Adams and Kristin Bruess-Burgess and returns on 31 October. We look forward to seeing the video and learning first-hand from our young people about their experience.