Jeremy Aylmer's ambulance journey to Tajikistan

St Mary's has a very long  history of sending people on incredible journeys to distant parts of the world. Jeremy, a member of St Mary's, writes about his forthcoming trip.
From the 9th of July 2011 I and a number of friends, who will each join up and share the driving for sections of the trip, will embark on an ambulance and tea odyssey from London to Tajikistan. We will drive across Europe and along the ancient Silk Road, crossing awkward borders, scorching deserts and majestic mountains. All the while we will endeavour to make friends with all those we meet in typically English fashion - by sharing a lovely cup of tea!
Making our way across Central Asia and the playing fields of the 19th Century "Great Game" between the Russian and British Empires, the ultimate destination is Tajikistan and the mighty Pamirs ("The Roof of the World" which contains the second highest highway in the World) and the celebrations for the country's 20th year of independence.

The much needed ambulance (along with as much medical kit as we can get hold of prior to leaving the UK) will then be donated to a local hospital and put into full service. The whole experience - from climbing 6000m peaks, traversing some of the World's most inhospitable terrain in an ambulance to administering tea or first aid to desert nomads - will be filmed in High Definition for a documentary.
Then, if all goes to plan, I will jump into a car or van and continue my way east - across Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The van will stay there and the final leg will be by the Trans-Siberian railway down to Beijing and the far side of the continent.
In addition I will be using the expedition as an opportunity to raise money for some fantastic causes which I passionately believe in, including Save the Children and Panthera (which among other projects have one researching ways to protect the Snow Leopards, or "Mountain Ghosts", of Tajikistan).

The JustGiving pages for these are GoHelp and Panthera.
We hope to follow Jeremy's adventures in the coming months and pray for his trip to be a great success.