Going solar

We're delighted to announce that St Mary's has decided to go ahead with an innovative solar panel project that will enable us to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions.

Our large south-facing roof is ideal for generating electricity from the power of the sun and isn't highly visible from ground level. At times of peak generation, the power will be more than sufficient for our own needs and the surplus will be exported to the grid, reducing the load that is normally met by traditional carbon-burning technologies.

The move follows steps taken to reduce the energy consumed in heating the church and the fitting of low-energy, high-reliability bulbs to illuminate the worship space. It's been made possible through generous grants from the Islington Climate Change Partnership, the Community Sustainable Energy Programme, and The Richard Cloudesley Charity. The Parochial Church Council made the decision last week to commit sufficient funds of our own to allow the project to proceed and we look forward to the installation in August and September.

The Diocese of London has committed to shrinking its carbon footprint. The Bishop of London affirms that "practising love of neighbours means that we are committed to mitigate the effects of climate change, which will fall disproportionately on the poor and vulnerable in the world and those least able to adapt to rising temperatures and flooding."