The Richard Cloudesley's Charity

We're delighted to have been awarded a grant of £20,000 towards the cost of two important energy-saving projects at St Mary's Church from the Richard Cloudesley’s Charity.

Richard Cloudesley worshipped at St Mary's and on his death in 1518, bequeathed a field in the western part of the parish for the maintenance of worship services at St Mary's and for aid to the "sick poor". His tomb still stands at the south of the main entrance. The rents from the field were very low for several centuries but now yield very significant sums that help serve thousands of people. St Mary's now shares the church grants with over twenty Church of England churches in the former parish. Health grants are awarded by the Richard Cloudesley Charity in association with the Cripplegate Foundation.

The recent grant will be used as part of the funds necessary to replace the boilers at St Mary's Church, which are now used even more because the recently refurbished Crypt is open for community use for up to fifteen hours a day, every day. The funding is also earmarked for generating zero-carbon electricity through solar PV panels. Both projects are aimed at sustainability, in serving the needs of the present users of our buildings and those affected by climate change around the world.