Annual Parochial Church Meeting 10 April 2011

We're doing things a bit differently this time round. In previous years the annual meeting at St Mary's followed on from a Sunday service. That makes it a long session and, understandably, the majority opts out. That's a pity, because an Annual Meeting can be interesting, relevant and important. It's a chance for a whole church community to get an overview of our mission and ministry.

This Sunday we'll be weaving the "business" of the meeting into the "worship" of the church. I've put those words in quotation marks because the Bible scarcely distinguishes the way a Christian community lives and how it worships. Those two are really both aspects of the same thing.

So come along this Sunday at eleven, if you're a regular member or if you're just interested. We'll be taking comments and questions that people ask in response to our Annual Report.