Song Cycle for Japan

None of us who saw the devastating pictures of the tsunami and its aftermath could fail to be moved by the desperate plight of the people of North East Japan. This Sunday 27 March, our neighbours OperaUpClose will be holding a fundraising concert at St Mary's. This song cycle has been specially commissioned by OperaUpClose one of the opera world's most exciting young composers, Stephen Crowe. This 45 minute piece is for soprano, baritone and piano and will start at 3pm.

The song cycle will use facts, figures and images from the international press used to report to the western world the human devastation occurring in Japan following the largest earthquake in human history.

OperaUpClose team Robin Norton-Hale and Adam Spreadbury-Mather with St Mary's Vicar, Simon Harvey
OperaUpClose's Adam Spreadbury-Maher writes, "Are we desensitised by these types of tragedies because of the frequency and familiarity we have with them? This song cycle for Japan will perhaps ensure that we all know exactly what is going on, as the audience will experience the information, facts etc in a different way. The song cycle for Japan will arrest the audience, and ask them to meditate on the situation, which I hope will then provoke the appropriate action that our fellow human beings in Japan deserve."

At St Mary's we received a statement from the Archbishop of Japan this morning. He thanks people across the world for their prayers and their offers of practical help but suggests that the best way to ensure relief aid reaches the right people is through the Red Cross.

Every penny raised through Song Cycle for Japan will be donated to the Red Cross, specifically to help them in their efforts helping the Japanese people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Tickets are only available from The King's Head Box Office and not at the church.