Lunchtime services explore Paul's Letter to the Romans

Paul longed to be in Rome. It wasn't just that Rome was the capital of an empire that stretched from Britain to Arabia. Nor did Paul simply crave its wealth and cosmopolitan life, the energy and power of the greatest trading centre of the known world.

Paul's ambition was to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the heart of the Empire. There was already a large and flourishing Christian community in Rome by the time that Paul wrote his famous letter. He probably penned it in the city of Corinth, three years before he eventually realised his ambition to reach the city himself, though it was as prisoner for the Gospel that he was taken there, rather than as a free man.

What was the urgent reason for Paul's passion? What did he believe and want to share with such enthusiasm and purpose?

On Wednesday in the coming weeks, we're exploring Paul's Letter to the Romans, which reveals in patient argument and sublime thought, the answers to these questions. Our services begin at 12.45pm and end promptly at 1.15. A simple sandwich lunch is served from noon. Come and join us.

January 12 - Romans 1.1-17
Paul, the Gospel and Rome. Preacher: Liz Salmon

January 19 - Romans 1.18-3.20
What's gone wrong - for everyone? Preacher: Ian Mylam

January 26 - Romans 3.21-31
Saved - by God's Grace. Preacher: Mike Bartholomew-Biggs

February 2 Holy Communion - Romans 4.
Abraham and his faith. Preacher: Simon Harvey

February 9 - Romans 5.
Two men; two choices. Preacher: Nick Adams

February 16 - Romans 6.
To sin …. Or not to sin? Preacher: Liz Salmon

February 23 - Romans 7.
All Grace and no law? Preacher: Fred Shettle

March 2 - Romans 8.1-17
Life through the Spirit. Preacher: Kristin Breuss

March 9 Holy Communion - Romans 8.18-39
Blessed assurance. Preacher: Simon Harvey

March 16 - Romans 9.1-29
Jews, Gentiles and God's plan. Preacher: Mike Bartholomew-Biggs

March 23 - Romans 9.30-10.21
Israel's problem now… Preacher: Ian Mylam

March 30 - Romans 11.
….. and the future. Preacher: Kristin Breuss

April 6 Holy Communion - Romans 12 and 13.
Living the life! Preacher: Martine Oborne

April 13 - Romans 14-16.
Living with diversity. Preacher: Martine Oborne