Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative

We're joining in with Christians around the world to pray Thy Kingdom Come.

As we pray 'Thy Kingdom Come' we should expect that God will use us to help answer our prayer.  He will give us opportunities to witness to Him with the people we have been praying for.  He will use us to invite people to know and experience the goodness of His Kingdom and to join His family.  But we also know that most of us find speaking of our faith daunting.  We feel ill equipped.  We assume someone else, maybe anyone else, is better suited, or we think that sharing faith is someone else’s job.  All Christians are appointed as God’s witnesses.  It is not a choice.  The only choice is whether we are good witnesses or bad ones. 

Thy Kingdom Come calls on Christians to use the period between Ascension (26 May) and Pentecost (4 June) as an opportunity for praying that the Holy Spirit would empower and encourage us in our witness for Christ. It's especially timely as we approach our Soul in the City festival.

And we want to join in with hundreds more at the special prayer and celebration event at St Paul's Cathedral on 3 June.


25 May Ascension Day Holy Communion

26 May Poetry and Prayer

29 May God's glory and his love in uncertain times

30 May Meditative Prayer

31 May The work of the Holy Spirit

1 June Shall I carry that for you?

3 June Beacon event of worship and prayer at St Paul's Cathedral, to inspire fresh passion and confidence in sharing our faith. Participants include Liz Adekunle, Archdeacon of Hackney Matt Redman, Worship Leader; Tolu Agbelusi, Poet & Playwright.