How do I join?

Join us by getting involved. Our church is open to everyone. The simplest and most important way to join is to come and worship with us regularly. You'll meet new people. You'll learn new things. We'll make you welcome and try to answer your questions.

Connect Cards

Fill in a Connect Card to let have some basic contact information and we'll invite you to one of our Welcome Lunches. You'll join a group of around twenty other people over good food and find out some more information about the church.

Facebook Group for members

If you're a regular at St Mary's, click here to join our Facebook group.

We already have a public Facebook page and this website. But the group is different. The posts that members put up can't be seen by anyone who isn't a current member of the group.

It's a place for sharing information that's really only of interest to people in the church. We'll post items that might normally appear only in our notice sheet. The preacher of next Sunday's sermon might share a few ideas about the topic (and invite your comments for a good discussion). We might link to a Youtube video of a new worship song. We might ask a question or run new ideas past you.

And by joining the group you can join in too. Let us know something you've seen or heard, ask others for prayer for something important.

Electoral Roll

Church of England parishes like ours have a list of adult members who are able to participate in elections and serve as trustees. If you're a regular worshipper then when you're ready, ask us for more details. Once a year we make a special effort to encourage people to join the electoral roll.

Share your talents

There are dozens of ways that you can help our church community. You don't have to wait ages before getting involved. Perhaps you can sing or play an instrument, or help children to learn, or make people feel welcome with great hospitality. There are lots more jobs in a busy church like ours. We call them ministries.

Give to support our work

People give money to support our church. In fact, the biggest source of income we have is the generous giving of people like you. Giving to God's work is a way of expressing our trust in him, not just helping to pay the bills. And by giving to St Mary's, you'll be supporting our mission partners in Islington and overseas.