Baptism and Christening

Ever since the time of Jesus, the church has baptised new believers to mark the start of their journey in faith. You don't need to pass a test to be baptised. You don't need to be a good person. You just need to want to live a life with God.

For children

Whether you’re exploring the possibility of a baptism (christening) for your child or whether you’ve already decided, the Church of England is delighted to help.

At St Mary's, we offer baptism services for children whose family worship in our church and for children who live in our parish. If you're not sure whether you live in our parish or not, check by going to the A Church Near You website.

We'll talk with you about preparing for baptism, about the service and about the promises that you'll make. We make promises too - to help you and your child grow in faith as they join in the life of the church community.

Find out more at the Church of England's Christenings website.

For adults

Every year, adults who come to Christian faith are baptised at St Mary's. We'll be really glad to help you prepare and to support you in this important step of trust and commitment.